Corporate Team Building Sydney

We have had so much success with our corporate team building programmes and one-off sessions.


What we can offer in our studio is a one hour salsa dance class, where girls and guys rotate quite quickly and everyone interacts with everyone. We can also offer a class with just footwork (no partnerwork) in either Salsa or Brazilian Samba which is very popular right now. We make it an extra fun, social class while teaching correct dance techniques.
We can also offer classes in Bachata, Cha Cha, Zouk, Charleston, Zumba or just fun movement to latino music
cost is $25 + gst per person with a minumum of $250 + gst

We also have a 2 hour package. What we can offer in our studio is a one hour salsa dance class, either with partnerwork or without, with a small party afterwards with cheese & bickies, fruit and sangria – where we continue playing music and people can dance or talk and socialise or both!

cost is $35 + gst per person with a minimum of $350 + gst


* Reinforces company bonds and unity
* Promotes success
* Energising
* Motivational
* Stress release
* Breaks down barriers
* Co-operative rather than competitive
* Left, right brain integration
* Enhances focus
* Promotes relaxation
* Fun

1.Unity: Dancing is an energy giving experience of unity for a group, bringing people together with a common focus. Dancing leaves people with a sense of feeling successful.

2. Skills development. Even people who say “I cant dance” come away with the feeling of having danced and also co-ordinated with a partner with the lead and follow concepts. We facilitate a structured syllabus using the easy to follow, fun moves, making it light and energetic, giving everyone time to talk and express, while still keeping the group moving to enhance working relationships and develop skills that are utilised daily in the work place. This serves to enhance company ethos. It highlights the learning of a new skill, and on top of that encourages the ability to embrace change as the session evolves. People learn to listen to each other and the music and work in a cooperative rather than competitive manner. It is a way to feel the power of interdependent working relationships, and leaves the participants feeling a sense of belonging. Dancing also teaches coordination and rhythm, that is beneficial to them in their lives. Left and right brain are used at the same time, which stimulates creativity and increases concentration. The understanding of the importance of rhythm in all areas of life can be a great insight. This carries over into the workplace through new thought processing and encourages “thinking outside of the square”.

3. Mental Shift: The effects of dancing on peoples mental state is very profound in that the focus, stress release and group energy, all add together to leave people feeling both stimulated, relaxed and receptive. This is great as a tool for team building activity and corporate events.

4. Physical Shift: It is physical activity, which can be a great stress release. Breaks the ice and leaves people feeling relaxed.

5. Breaking barriers: Old, young, male female, any religion, language, seniority etc can all do it together and it is a very universal activity. Sometimes it is healthy for management to do something together with other departments where the playing fields are levelled.

6. Fun: Really fun way to do something together. Everybody will be smiling and in a great mood. Really breaks the ice. It’s a real celebration as people relax and feel comfortable to interact with each other. Dancing is very popular right now as a tool to inspire.

7. Multicultural Diversity: Latin dancing is a great way to open people up to the beauty of diverse cultures. It is a universal language and therefore showcases the power of multiculturalism. Most of the salsa music songs are in Spanish.

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