1. Do I need a partner to enroll for a couple dancing style?

You don’t need to bring a partner but should book in early for our numbers, but it is always a bit more fun to bring someone along that you know – even a friend. You will rotate with the students in the class so everyone can have a go

2. Can I dance only with my partner?

Yes. The rotation is not compulsory. Just tell the teacher before each class.
However we highly encourage you to change partners, as it speeds and improves your learning.

3. What clothes/shoes should I wear?

Couple dances (Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Tango others)
Clothes: Wear comfortable clothes. We recommend smart casual attire that allows easy movement. Please avoid tight or long skirts, ties, or anything too warm or restrictive. Men should wear a tshirt or shirt with sleeves – no tank tops and bring a spare shirt or 2 with you for when it gets warm. Everyone should have mints and wear deodorant.

Shoes: Please avoid thongs, slippers, mules or open toe sandals. To start we recommend flat shoes or low heels that have an ankle strap and are secure around your ankles. Later on you can buy a proper jazz or latin dance shoes. Ladies: wear flat shoes for comfort or high heels if you are confident on them.
Men: some sneakers and leather shoes are best

Individual dances (Samba, Stretch )

Clothes: gym or dance wear as you tend to sweat. Shoes: To start you can use sneakers/trainers. Later on you can buy jazz or samba shoes
Others: Please also bring a sweat towel. For Stretch: Please bring your own Yoga Mat and a towel for stretch classes

Hygiene & Well-being

Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated, a towel, your deodorant, a spare t-shirt if you are doing more than one class and something like mints to keep your breath fresh for couple dance classes.

4. How long are the classes?

most classes are one hour, some choreos and workshops are longer

5. Do you have even numbers of males & females?

We do only book in even numbers, which is why early booking is essential for this to happen. We can invite more advanced students to come and help us make up numbers with advanced notice. We can’t control when people are sick or don’t turn up, but generally we have even ratios

6. Can I watch a class first?

Yes, you are more than welcome to watch any class for 10 minutes. Just check which levels we are running and come along. You may want to think about doing a trial lesson instead for $25 (which you can upgrade to the course price at the end of class) – you will get a better picture of what the classes are like and what could suit you best.

7. Can I do the first class for free?

If you are a new student you can try a salsa beginner class in our Saturday night classes

8. How can I enroll on the classes?

Online, please click on the style you would like to learn: Salsa , Bachata , Samba , Private Lessons , Wedding Dance Lessons , Reggaeton (twerking) lessons , Performance Workshops.

Over the phone: 0402993244 (have your MasterCard Visa card in hand)

9. How can I pay?

You can pay:

Online (Master/Visa accepted) at the dance page of your choice you will have the option to pay via Debit/Credit Card.
Over the phone (Master/Visa accepted) 0402993244
In person (Cash, Cheque, Eftpos and credit card).

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL at least one week before the first class so you can guarantee your place – most courses get booked out and we need to control male/female ratio in partnerwork classes

10. What are your opening hours?

Mon to Friday 10am-930pm (please call first if you wish to drop in)
Sat 10am-1pm (later on workshop days)
Sunday closed (except for special workshops and open for studio hire)

11. Do you have student discount?

We do not offer student discounts however we do credit you generously – $30 per referral for referring friends who book in for a course

12. Can I do casual classes?

We offer casual classes only on Saturday beginner Salsa at 8pm

Samba beginner Tuesday 630pm (first 2 weeks only of course)

Spin class Monday at 730pm

Stretch class Saturday at 11am

13. What if I work shifts?

We do our best to accommodate people who can’t make it every week.  We do have a 10 class pass – however you cannot start a course from week 3 or do a private class to catch up – best to call us and we can work out a suitable programme for you 0402993244

14. I’m only in Sydney for a limited number of days. Can I take some classes?

Yes, if you are from another state or overseas you can still participate in classes. Each individuals needs are different so please give us a call and let us know your situation. We will offer you the best options.

15. What is the average age of attendees?

Our students vary quite widely between late teens to those in their late 50’s, with the majority from 20’s to 40’s. If you fall anywhere outside this box don’t worry, we offer private classes to any age, kids as well.

16. Which style of salsa do you teach at Salsa Republic? On1, On2, LA, Cuban?

In our Salsa courses we teach linear style On1 concentrating on social dancing, with some performance group opportunities
(Linear style means you dance moving up and down on an imaginary line instead of in circles)
Linear is the most popular way to dance salsa in Sydney

We also teach Salsa On2 with emphasis in social dancing and performance classes for the more adventurous students who want to get into the conga groove.
We run sporadic Cuban style (more circular moves and turns) workshops and choreos
We offer private classes in ALL salsa styles

17. What level am I?

You have 2 options to know which level you are. The best one is to schedule a private assessment with one of our instructors to check which level you are. This option is recommended because the instructor will tell you exactly what would be the best level for you and also will explain what you are going to learn at this level. Besides that, he/she will be able to check your strengths and weakness, plus during the private class you can consolidate your knowledge and you might be able to go to the next level of the group courses.

The second option is to book for one course and try the first class, if the course is too easy or too difficult you can transfer to another level.

> What if I’ve done a lot of dancing before (ballet, jazz, contemporary etc) but never specifically learnt Latin dance. What level am I at?

We understand you would have already done a lot of dancing before, we are sure that you will be able to pick up things very quickly. Remember though that partner dancing is very different to any solo styles – we would recommend a private lesson to see where you are at and get you up to speed to attend a course. The instructor will tell you exactly what would be the best level for you and also will explain what you are going to learn at this level.

18. How many people attend the classes?

The average number of attendees in our classes is 20-25, this can vary, performance groups tend to be smaller

19. What happens If I miss one class? Can I catch up another day?

unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to control catch up classes and that also affects our males/females ratio for couple classes. It is best for your ongoing education to do a private lesson so as not to miss out on vital information
We always do our best to accommodate so best to call 0402993244 and we may be able to get you in on an instructor training session or something

20. Do you have children classes? What is the minimum age to attend the classes?

We currently only run private lessons – under 13 years a parent/adult is required to attend from 13 years not necessary.  We do need to consult the parent to discuss the minors need and goals as we do run lots of classes for young singers and actors needing dance training for musicals etc.

21. Do you refund?

As we can only take so many bookings in a course, we do not refund at all, but of course every situation is unique so will happily discuss and where possible offer a credit if appropriate.